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100cm Solid Dish & Large Bracket
satellite dish and 20 inch wall mount. Easy to assemble. Suitable for motorised System ..
45cm Dish With LNB
Complete Dish Plus Bracket and Quad LNB, Easy to assemble. ..
£25.00 £20.00
80cm Solid Dish with Bracket
Suitable for motorised System and installed for Hotbird 13E, Astra 19E, Eutelsat W3 7E, Sky Eur..
  ISS FLAT 440 DISH 47.5 X 47.5CM  A unique design shape will avoid the collection o..
Technomate Two Way Diseqc Switch
MAXIMUM TWO-WAY DISEQC SWITCH (2x1) High Quality DiSEqC Switch - High Isolation - Approved for Ou..
£10.00 £6.00
65cm Dish with LNB
65cm Complete Dish plus bracket and Quad LNB. Easy to assemble. ..
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